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  • Laura Mercier - Smudge Brush

Laura MercierSmudge Brush

  • Laura Mercier - Smudge Brush

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A classic smudge brush for smoky diffusion.

Synthetic fibres

Synthetic fibres

The MECCA view:
This smudge brush will take your eyeshadow to the next level, creating a diffused yet dramatic effect. Whether you’re working with pencil, cream or shadow liner, this brush diffuses harsh lines while maintaining intensity.

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Pro Tip: For a more detailed and precise application, hold the brush at the center of the handle or close to the ferrule. Pinch brush handle between thumb and middle finger. For added control also use a pointer finger with a light touch on handle, this will act more as a "guide" during application.

For a more diffused and blended look, hold the brush with a loose grip, close to the end of the handle and lightly pinch between thumb, pointer and middle finger. This will provide the most "painterly" result. 

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