Reinventing luxury cosmetics.

Innovation and breakthrough formulas make Hourglass one of the most talked about brands since its launch by beauty veteran Carisa Janes in 2004. It's known for products with active ingredients and luxury performance makeup. Get set for flawless skin - just like her celebrity fans. Discover more...

Hourglass is exclusive to MECCA.

The secret to full, fluffy brows

If anyone knows brows, it’s HOURGLASS. With a fully-fledged collection of brow essentials available in any shade, thickness, texture and finish imaginable, their cult-status products are a modern-day necessity for full and defined (yet natural-looking) brows.

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  • Fake it 'til you make it! This concealer makes it look like I've gotten my eight hours of sleep every night! It's super lightweight and doesn't crease.
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