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MECCA Beauty Election Finalist

Ortensia Candle


Size: 1900g

MECCA Beauty Election Finalist

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A hand-crafted candle that unleashes the fragrance of an elegant white floral bouquet. Poured into a ceramic vessel that features the iconic face of Opera singer Lina Cavalieri partly obscured by ortensia flowers that grow in the gardens of the Fornasetti house in Milan. 


The MECCA view:
A floral, green and woody fragrance. The top notes of ivy, lily of the valley and white rose are released first, heart notes of iris, orange blossom and jasmine linger, whilst base notes of tuberose, sandalwood and musk delicately permeate the air. Made in Italy. 

300 g candle offers 60 - 80 hours burn time

1.9 kg candle offers 180 - 200 hours burn time

Direct from the brand: 
To ensure you get the most from your candle (meaning the scent diffuses evenly and cleanly) always burn for a maximum of two to three hours each time.  Once you’re happy that the fragrance has filled the space, carefully extinguish the flame using a snuffer.
- Laurent Delafon, CEO United Perfumes 

Voted “Best Beauty Investment” by our store team members in the MECCA Beauty Election 2020.

Corporate gifting note:
300g & 900g candles available for corporate gifting. Individual items will not be wrapped. If you would like this product gift wrapped, or for orders over $2000, please contact our Customer Service team.

Light no more than 3 hours at a time. Burn until the top of the candle is completely liquefied. When burning for the first time, trim the wick to around 5mm and burn until the surface wax melts completely. Never burn to the end - always leave 1.5cm of liquid wax. 

Phenethyl alcohol,Hydroxycitronellal,Linalool, cis-3-Hexenyl salicylate,d-Limonene,Geranyl acetate, Benzyl benzoate, hexamethyl ethan-1-one, (Fixolid),alpha-iso-Methylionone,alpha- Hexylcinnamaldehyde,dl-Citronellol,Butylated hydroxytoluene.

Item code. I-022963