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  • FORNASETTI - Bacio Candle - 900g

FornasettiBacio Candle


Size: 900g

  • FORNASETTI - Bacio Candle - 900g

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A luxurious woody scented candle.



The MECCA view: 
Combining the iconic illustrations of Piero Fornasetti with a heady floral scent, this sophisticated candle depicts Opera singer Lina Cavalieri's nose and mouth. Exclusively created in France, Fornasetti’s popular Otto fragrance is evocative of the Mediterranean herbs that grew around the family home. Housed in an exquisite ceramic vessel, this candle is handcrafted and decorated in Italy with 100% vegetable-based wax and a biodegradable cotton wick.

300g candle offers 60-80 hours burn time.

900g candle offers 100-160 hours burn time.

1900g candle offers 180-240 hours burn time.

Fragrance notes: 
Cedar, incense, lavender, thyme, birch, labdanum, tolu balsam and orris.

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Light no more than three hours at a time. Burn until the top of the candle is completely liquefied. When burning for the first time, trim the wick to around 5mm and burn until the surface wax melts completely. Never burn to the end—always leave 1.5cm of liquid wax.
100% vegetable-based wax. Pure cotton wick.
Item code. I-024894