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ELEFFECTThe Exfoliating Mitt

  • Elle Effect - Exfoliating Mitt

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Exfoliates skin for a streak free tan.



The MECCA view:
A thorough exfoliation before tanning is essential for a salon worthy finish. Made from finely woven fabric with interweaving threads, this premium body-smoothing glove effectively removes tan build-up without irritation to the skin. It will become your new tanning bestfriend, with regular use, it helps to prevent ingrown hairs, improves circulation and will leave your limbs silky soft. The best part about The Exfoliating Mitt, it's reusable and incredibly long-lasting, simply rinse in the shower after use and hang to dry. 

New look packaging with the same cult-status products.

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From the founder:
“There's nothing I love more than a fresh tan. To get the very best results every time I use ELLE Effect’s new The Exfoliating Mitt beforehand. It not only removes old tan build up; it stimulates blood flow which can improve the look of cellulite too. And who doesn’t love that?” – Elle Ferguson

1. Shower with warm soapy water
2. Wet the Exfoliating Mitt and squeeze out any excess water
3. For best results apply The Wash to the Exfoliating Mitt, and in circular motions buff away dry skin to remove stubborn tan
4. Rinse Exfoliating Mitt with warm water and let dry

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