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diptyqueVanille Candle


Size: 190g

  • Diptyque - Vanille Candle

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Combine sweet vanilla with spice.



The MECCA view:
Dense, black vanilla pods, so fragrant that one is enough to perfume everything. It takes long months of patience for the small pods to reveal their captivating and powerful scent. The spice then discloses its leathery, almost smoky accents. We recommend burning the Vanille scent with the Noisetier Candle for a delicious treat of roasted hazelnuts accented by the caramelized sweetness of the vanilla pods. 

Candle Dimensions:
190G – Width 7.5cm x Height 9cm

Fragrance notes:
Vanilla, orchid, sandalwood, elemi

Pair it with:
diptyque Noisetier Candle
diptyque Candle Snuffer
diptyque Wick Trimmer

The first time you burn your candle, allow it to burn for at least two hours until the whole top is liquid with wax to help your candle burn more evenly next time. Before lighting, trim the wick, which will allow the candle to burn slowly.
Paraffine solide, cire micro cristaline, vaseline, parfum.
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