Photograph by Pete Daly.

This goes straight to the top of the beauty bucket list; if your face has not been so efficiently cleansed and uplifted by this miracle-working mask made of magnets, you will never have truly masked at all.

Need supple tightness, brightness, deep purification, and gravity-defying lift? Dr Brandt’s DIY Magnetight Age-Defier ticks off your wish list while you scroll Instagram at home in your bath robe. This top-tech mud contains charcoal and clay—the horse and cart of masking—and is charged with microscopic particles of negatively-charged iron. It smooths on with a spa-luxe feel and, as you marinate for 10 minutes, is soothing to say the least. But now for the fun part: pass the triangle-tipped magnet across the mask and as it literally magnetises the iron particles, the mask jumps off your face, extracting pollution and gunk from pores while liberating dull cells from the skin surface. This electromagnetic dance also energises cells that make fresh collagen into youthful action—you can literally feel it lifting out lines and pumping circulation. So effective is the magnetic pull, there’s no rinse required; a slight sheen of nourishing oil (massage it in with upward sweeps) and your improved reflection is all the magnet leaves behind. It’s fascinatingly fabulous. And, it must be said, addictive. Restrict yourself to masking twice a week.


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