Chantecaille Chantecaille
Photograph by Pete Daly.

For the love of lions, good karma, and for truly selfish reasons of course, this new limited-edition eye palette is an instant 'Add To Cart'. To herald the Chantecaille family's ongoing philanthropic tradition of supporting endangered animals, the eco-conscious beauty brand has partnered with conservation group The Lion Guardians in Kenya on the occasion that is their Fall 2016 colour collection.

A portion of proceeds from this eye palette directly benefit an initiative helping the Maasai people live without conflict with wild lions. GPS trackers warn tribespeople to herd their animals away from the pride, minimising their need to hunt lions or kill in defence.

But back to you and your eyes. It's exceptionally easy to let loose on the safari theme here. Think creamy lion-cub beige with flecks of gold, earthy neutrals, and glistening savannah sunsets. Every colour is Simba-soft, beautiful solo or very blendable. You'll find at least three new ways to do a smokey effect for day, night, and gin-and tonic-hour in the afternoon. Just add an extra long, pretty lash. Stealth beauty at its best.

Editor's Note: The Chantecaille Protect The Lions Eyeshadow Palette was limited edition and is no longer available. Shop Chantecaille best sellers HERE >