5 Ways to Maximise Your Favourite Palette

The latest eye palettes are just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.
So make the most of every shade using these versatile FOOLPROOF TIPS that will take you seamlessly from day to night.

1Liner Notes
Take a fine tipped application brush and wet it, then apply it to your favourite darker colour to create a liquid liner effect along the eyelid.

2Mix It Up
Layer colour directly over each other to create your own signature shade.

3The modern smokey eye
Using a wet angled eyeliner brush, first apply a lighter shade over the lids and lash line, before applying a darker shade closer to lashes. Once dry, buff the two shades together for a sultry, smokey effect.

4Contouring Tricks
When contouring and shaping the eye, matte and semi matte shades work best. Use a shimmery shade on the lids (ball of the eye) and the inner well of the eye to create highlight.

5Don’t forget the brows
Experiment with neutral matte shades to fill in and define the brows. Go 1 or 2 shades lighter than your brow colour.